Life is a Process

Life is a process to be lived, perceived and reflected upon.  We are spiritual beings in chemical clothing having one walking chemical reaction after another.  Anything that changes and affects your brain wave patterns is a “drug.”  Drugs are sugar, sex, cigarettes, meditation and music!!

About Akira Kitty

I am working on a book about Boundaries & how to survive Manipulative Relationships. I am an American and a Constitutionalist that thrives on free speech and artistic expression. I try to make my world a better place everyday. I am for equality, justice and freedom of all living beings ~ yes, I am a vegetarian. Hear my Songify@ "Amerikan Vegetarian"

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  1. … plus exercise & biofeedback.

  2. Patricia Payant

    Happy New Year! What a great idea! I wish you well and hope this blog does what you want it to. I believe personal recovery is just that- personal and recovery. I too began my recovery with codependency and love addiction in 12-step programs. Some still keep me honest, but I have shed meetings that stifle me. I believe that my God led me to you as part of my journey. I’m looking forward to reading about your struggles and growth.

    • Yes, I relate to that as I have for lack of better words, moved beyond the rooms. My ADHD issues leave me to deal with me as a whole person that has naturally blurry emotional boundaries and a lack of impulse control that I have to keep in check at all times and it affects every area of my life and recovery. As you can tell reading my I have issues with how our American government and society stagnates in denial. The time for lies is over now.

      I will continue to share my own personal journey honestly throughout the coming weeks, as I get it all up and out for the world to see. You know, it takes -HOW- honesty, open-ness and the willingness to keep on trying to embrace self as brutally honestly as one can. It is painful growth and we are never alone. If it were not for learning about Boundaries, I never would have been able to change.

      Thank you for the kind words and follow! Take care of YOU, whatever that looks like.

  3. So what the hell does chemical clothing have to do with spiritual beings? Too supernatural sounding to me. Spirits, ghosts, invisible entities like gods, or whatever. We are only chemical reactions in a vessel for that purpose, otherwise known as human body cells. No spirit anywhere at all there, as spirit is not the result of a chemical reaction or process Spiritual not religious is what some like to say they are, but it is still made up of woo woo New Age type stuff. Sense are reality, all things are knowable, cause and affect relationaships make up the world, and nature is a consistent material processes.

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