People & their Habits

Did you know that the average person has to hear something seven times before they are willing to even consider it once. Seven times! Repetition is fundamental to learning. It helps me to write lists and eve to speak aloud to myself so my other brain hemisphere hears it too.

The average attention span is only twenty minutes. You retain more of what you are studying if you can take a short 1-3 minute break every 20 minutes… I dare you to test it out to see if it works for you as well as it works for me!

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About Akira Kitty

I am working on a book about Boundaries & how to survive Manipulative Relationships. I am an American and a Constitutionalist that thrives on free speech and artistic expression. I try to make my world a better place everyday. I am for equality, justice and freedom of all living beings ~ yes, I am a vegetarian. Hear my Songify@ "Amerikan Vegetarian"

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