Don’t Say Gay ~ ABC The View

Big surprise kids! Our government is trying to censor biology in schools now that Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield got his state Senate to pass this disgusting bill dis-allowing the use of the term “gay.” I find it disturbing people hide behind “Christianity” to infringe on the rights of others. Way to not only dumb down our country’s kids even more but this also creates alienation and shame in a child (who might or might not be gay) judging them with something that is natural and normal human behavior.
The View’s talking heads fail to realize that this is a human rights issue because it is government censorship of scientific fact and it is social bullying designed to alienate any LGBT human being or developing child out there.

Stacey Campfield made the comparison of himself to Jesus and the civil rights activists of the 1960’s in his own blog.

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I am working on a book about Boundaries & how to survive Manipulative Relationships. I am an American and a Constitutionalist that thrives on free speech and artistic expression. I try to make my world a better place everyday. I am for equality, justice and freedom of all living beings ~ yes, I am a vegetarian. Hear my Songify@ "Amerikan Vegetarian"

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