Colors rule! More to come, under construction.  Colors are the light of my life and eye!

Color is a form of energy and they can affect and influence us at every turn subliminally.  Tons of research has gone into how color affects us psychologically in marketing and advertising.  Take a look around next time you walk into a mall or a restaurant and see if you can see the patterns in the colors used in the design and scheme of the establishment.

The ever so ethereal color of lavender (a pastel light purple) makes people want to spend their money fast!  It allows us to feel rich somehow and we shell out our funds at impulse items often around the store front, look around for the lavender.

Restaurants all have similar colors, especially the big chain ones.  The colors red, orange, green and/or red, yellow and green in combination makes people hungry.  Look around at the chains and see the colors they all use in combination.  I have thought long and hard about why this could possibly be… they are the natural colors of most vegetables and fruits and we need them in combination to get the nutrients we need to survive and thrive.  Sometimes the colors are a little more sophisticated, like the color scheme of your favorite local restaurant may be dark pumpkin, gold, sage or forest green and a deep burgundy.  Don’t be fooled, these colors are orange, yellow, green and red!



What Colors Mean (under construction, still) by Chakra and Energetically

Red = root, passions, family

Orange = sexual organs, sexual power

Yellow = sense of self, esteem

Green = heart, love, forgiveness, growth

Blue = throat, truth, sincerity

Purple = third eye (mind’s eye), wisdom, higher spiritual awareness, also formerly “confused” with royalty/riches (hence the softer version, lavender as a stimulant to part you with your finances)

White = contains all energies, all possibilities of light, purity (clinical)

Black = no light


I recently read that wearing dark colors and (especially) black is a sign of a neurotic personality… makes me laugh because yes I wear a lot of dark colors and black.


I dress based on my mood, if I am feeling low energy or otherwise poorly- I wear red, orange or yellow colored clothing to give me an energetic boost.  If I am going to court I would wear blue as it conveys sincerity.  If I wake up and I am too energetic or angry, I wear a color that can counteract that, such as a blue, green or even my tried and true black and brown can calm me down when I am feeling not very grounded.


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