God and Energy of the Universe

This section is dedicated to a response to a comment I received on this blog.

So what the hell does chemical clothing have to do with spiritual beings? Too supernatural sounding to me. Spirits, ghosts, invisible entities like gods, or whatever. We are only chemical reactions in a vessel for that purpose, otherwise known as human body cells. No spirit anywhere at all there, as spirit is not the result of a chemical reaction or process Spiritual not religious is what some like to say they are, but it is still made up of woo woo New Age type stuff. Sense are reality, all things are knowable, cause and affect relationaships make up the world, and nature is a consistent material processes.


Hi Raymond, thanks for your comment. The way I see it is: senses are perceptual therefore subjective to how and what you think, believe and perceive. I think that spirit cannot be destroyed as it is energy- it can only be displaced. I have my own understanding of what god-love-higher intelligence is and no, I do not believe it is of this earth. Spirit & energy may be in material things but it is not of them. I am very scientific in my understanding and to me – what you are saying does not disprove this energy/god. I do think that souls are a matrix of this energy, universe (star dust), god or higher intelligence.

Science shows us that we are warring, selfish base animals.

Personally I think that most basic run of the mill “animals” (dogs, cows whatever) are more honest, aware, intelligent (and communicative) than most people because most people think they are “smarter or better” than animals – which is stupid, they are not, they are the same. People begin to see animals and society as disposable because we have that “give me, give me” plastic mentality. Plus most of you eat flesh – so you look at other sentient beings as trash to be devoured. You are what you eat and assimilate. Telling yourself justifications to feel better about what you choose to do- that this is their “purpose.” Which I do not believe or do. I am not a walking rotting corpse bag.

In the 1960′s & 70′s it was proved that even plants have consciousness, and “conscience” reactions to stimuli.

Again, my spiritual beliefs and what I know about science and the natural world are not in conflict within me. Consciousness is that spark of soul that may inhabit the planet but is not defined by that existence or limited to it- it is your judgment and perception that sees what you do, the way you do.

When I was 3 I had my first recurring dream that would haunt me over the next twenty years. I had many dreams in which I was something else, somewhere else, in another culture and different people. I would tell my mom these crazy dreams and some of my “out of the box” thoughts about nature and god and spirit. They intwine and entangle for me. I am soul energy and I am not a part of this earth, my “vessel” may be, but I am free energy.

I am light, at the core of my being-ness, I call it a glint of god, that spark of consciousness. Every living thing has this essence, in my own opinion. I do not look to religion, dogma, society or science to define me. I am not my body, I am my soul and the consequences of my actions is what is mine to own in this life. I am my heart, but I am not stuck in this fleshy muscle in my chest, I am of my brain but I am not my brain, I am beyond.

And although I do seriously appreciate your comments because I want to think for myself and this is why I am drawn to controversial topics… your difference of opinion does not make other perceptions of reality incorrect. This is healthy for me and what is healthy for you, is your right and opinion. Original thought is the new commodity. Patriarchy is dead, so is science. What is known is a trap, the innovations come from crazy, fantastical and outside of the box-new thinking. Life is a process in which those who do not adapt to the changes die. It is my opinion that these thoughts are forward, radical and beyond “the norm” and I am very comfortable with what society says is, “weird” and “freaky.”

A lot of people say prayer is crazy – okay. I have experimented with these ideas and they are tested in my life. Love and forgiveness is not of this earth, it is the energy that is beyond ~ it is a divine gift and not limited by what folks think about it.

A “miracle” (or an innovation) is just a new idea at the time it occurs. Take the miracle of birth, maybe the only miracle is that souls keep coming with this gift of free will to evolve.

Also, nature it not a “consistent process.” In nature there are myriads of variables thus creating the uniqueness and anomalies in/of all things. I could not disagree with that more than I do, wholly. I guess you don’t think much of chaos.

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