America 99%

I love my country and I am very unhappy with the world today.  America is dysfunctional, we have dysfunctional families and we have a violent society.  As a little girl growing up in Texas I expected to see an inclusive rainbow world that would support, encourage, respect and protect fellow humans… alas human beings have lost their way.  Where is kindness, respect, basic concern and manners towards our fellow man?

We were a nation of heroes and now we are afraid to be honest, to speak our truth and stand up for what is right, just and healthy.  We need to speak out against what is going wrong in our government just as our Founding Fathers wrote the basis of our democratic government in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that protect us all.  It is a government by the people and for the people, not the 1%.

Rebellion is what is American, we left the tyranny of England and Europe only to create the same soul-sucking tendency in our young new country.  If you are not a Native American Indian, you came from some where else, don’t you think it is about time we began to respect each other and the land before we destroy it entirely?

Humanity is on the brink of total slavery and destruction.  I am against the machine, the status quo, the fear and control that says, “don’t complain, lest you be- watched.”  They have been watching us all since the 1950’s, it is time to get with the twenty-first century and create the society we all want and can agree to and to keep the government working to protect humanity, not abuse, use and eat it alive.

I love this country and I am a Patriot.  I will complain and petition the government before I turn on my fellow man, no I do not want another bloody revolution… I want a civilized human occupation.

I don’t have children but if you are a parent, I would think you would care very much about the world you are leaving behind for your grand-children if they are even born.   When I was seven years old watching National Geographic on PBS seeing the poverty, hunger and suffering around the world, I thought that adults would solve these crises.  I assumed everyone was as interested and as invested as I was to want to change the world to make it a better place, one in which world peace could easily exist.  If our governments stand in the way of world peace, what do we need them for?  If they don’t protect humanity and serve the public, what good are our elected officials and service men?

When I was a child, the police were to be respected and they were kind.  Seeing the brutal beatings of peaceful protestors in the current occupations (#occupy, #OWS on twitter) by police men who seem to enjoy the tyranny and abuse is what has woken me up to want to freely share all I have because I am afraid if I don’t we will continue to be oppressed in every single way.  I want a free nation where people can be openly gay and safe, where women can openly breast feed and no one has a cow or a boner because it is natural.  If you can’t bear to see a woman breast feeding in public and cannot stop staring or get sexually aroused by it, you have a serious problem and you are the problem.

This is a cultural melting pot, not for whites only.  The world is turning beige as we mix and mingle and it is a beautiful mocha-carmel that I want to celebrate.  We are an inclusive nation of people and cultures, not an exclusive one… if you are greedy, homo-phobic and condemning of others I have news for you ~ you are judging and condemning yourself and that is how the god creator of all will deal with you.  As you do unto others, it will be done unto you.  Wake up Christians, smart people, lazy people, the violent, the ugly, the freaky and creepy… you had better very quickly take your head out of your own ass and come out of denial.  We are animals, we are base people who are obsessed with youth and so highly critical of a human’s body (because of the social psychosis of wanting to be insanely thin and we do whatever magazines and television tells us) and yet we do not even accept that we all eat, sleep, shit and make love (mostly) the same exact way.   Get over yourselves, stop lording your shit all over everyone else in this new global society of human citizens and get with it!  If you’re not trying -oh,  you are dying my friend.  The problem is you, you are full of shit… take a long hard look in the mirror if what I have written so far has offended your precious sensibilities and go have a long quiet sit with the inner light within.

As far as I am concerned, as a white free woman it is white men single handedly that have destroyed the Earth so far and up to this point, it is they who have had free reign.  The world gets smaller every single day and the more you try so desperately to control, the more that will continue to gloriously slip right through your fingers.  I know, I was desperate for a very long time.  It is only ever a control freak that cannot admit when they are wrong, it is a person that has allowed their ego to run them ragged.

Think of it like this:  the mind is a fertile garden in which the crops grow and get tilled 24/7.  It is a well oiled machine that never stops running.   When we sleep is when other parts of our brain take over and it gets busy.  So this incredible soil never stops working and it begins to recycle and churn whatever you feed it with, be it adequate sun, water, fertilizer, maybe even some music to grow by or completely starve it of everything it needs to grow: water, light and nutrients.

The ego resides sneakily in the mind, in both brains, in your beliefs, thoughts about yourself, facilitating your perceptions and judgments.  The ego tries to conveniently hide in excuses and justifications because the ego wants an answer- right now!  So hop to and be a good little robot while you hide behind your own ego and choose to not participate in the actual opportunities of your life.  Don’t tell me you are too old or not good enough because that is the ego giving it’s judgments and the road down that path is death, doom, condemnation.  If we are to forgive, if it is freedom, justice and the American way — you had better be living by the golden rule.  Freedom and justice is the American way, we stand up for what is right.  Right?

Well, how is it right that so many of American people are starving to death and homeless.  You want to hear my ideas?  Ever since I was a young kid I have had these same ideals.  Imagine if every American had the equal opportunity to college and every family had health care freely given and housing subsidized.  Imagine if we got credit for having a home and maintaining it. Imagine if gay marriage was a national given and families who move for work don’t have to break up or suffer the other myriad issues and complications that not having the same last name can create.  Just because of white men, because they don’t like queers.

I wish everyone would start speaking openly and honestly in society across the board, get Americans talking to each other, we are a nation we are not hicks in red neck states.  We are not black and white -and- red and blue.  Fuck that and fuck the status quo right now – globally okay.  I, as a human being and here to say, I do condemn some of what is being done on the planet right now.  Not as a christian, not even as a buddhist, which I have considered myself more of (since I was 15) because it actually directs one to be quiet and reflective i.e. think!  Open up your mind and consider a few things!  Look around at the world we live in, look around at our country.

Does everyone know that 1:4 kids are raped in this country every day, not just girls either oh no,  it is far from that “day dream” that it only happens to young women.  You have one mouth and two ears, go out and talk directly to a young person and ask them about their reality.

It bothers me that women are having their sex organs removed in Africa and Asia.  Way to destroy the only, single best thing about life and living is to have transcendent sex with another person you love.   Women need orgasms to be relaxed okay.  Don’t men?  If you took it away from men the world would really stop wouldn’t it?  You had better change.  If you think you are so much better because you are male, I can relate to you because I was raised and told that women were better people than men (Universally they are more sensitive, compassionate, loving and arguably more attractive).  Women were smarter and cunning and they rule the world  because of the blessings they do get as women:  multiple orgasms.  And yes my mother told me that, my mother told me every thing first as if to prepare me.

So believing that women were more responsible, more intelligent or “whatever” was hurting me at the core of my human being-ness.  It was invalidating half of all human existence!  I had to forgive myself for allowing my ego to believe a man or a woman is any better than the other. There is no comparison, we are different and ought to be appreciated as such.

If you do not believe that we live in a police state with a culture of global fascism (#NWO on twitter) with the tyrants of the world taking over- wake up!  Submission is ridiculous and it is unrealistic- it is dismissive of basic human needs which is unacceptable.  Remember the civil rights movement?  Remember the greatest nation of all, the world war II veterans?  What did they fight for this shit is slavery?  I want the peace movement we were promised and never got. The Protect Life Act bill passed (on October13, 2011) have you heard of it?  It makes it legal for hospitals to deny abortions to pregnant women with life threatening conditions.  What happened to the women’s movement (the National Organization of Women)?  As if it makes sense to save the infant and kill the mother.  Who is going to care for the baby, why isn’t American government concerned about women’s lives?  This is extremely scary to me, we are losing our rights- wake the fuck up America!  Come oout of denial and fix your own national problems like the infrastructure.

This whole country could be to work on alternative energy resources, caring for your fellow man, in building new infra-structure (like a new high speed rail road connecting the coasts) and/or in participating in farming and distributing the 50% of food we waste and give it to the poor to share our trash.  Think recycle, up cycle, re-use, re-distribute.  Stop thinking that life life is disposable because you don’t care about anything.  Do you know how much a poor child would love your games and used items you don’t even think twice about discarding.  I think it happened in the 1980’s in this country where everyone became so full of shit and selfish and just wanted new everything.  Greed is disgusting and worshipping money is killing people everyday and they don’t even know it.  If you say to yourself, I have no choice with this job, or whatever, I must kill this animal to eat it- think about what you are doing and manifesting right now.  You are what you assimilate.

You, who are parents and breeders ask your children what kind of a world they want to live in. Don’t use your kids to feed your ego, ask them what they really and truly want in the future not what you told them to say and hope they say so you can feel (falsely) complete.  I want men and women to know they are exactly equal with highly different functions physically.  That’s it.   Take gender out of it and think like a human being, stop hiding behind your masks, roles,  jobs, society, your political inclination or (for that matter) your sexual one!   Stop operating from your limiting thoughts and telling your son not to cry because that makes you sound gay or that women always cater to a man, always make less money and are second rate citizens.

If we all had an equal start this nation would be an extremely prosperous and wonderful place. People would have the opportunity to settle where they felt the most joy and everyone would be accepted because we would be being treated equally by our own government.  If we need to take the money out of politics and get back to human beings as a way to get to transparency then so be it.

I am tired of lobbyist whores allowing corporations to brutalize other countries while we pay them pennies and our own people are being abused in the family court system, the institutions and every day when women go along with the system they get their kids taken away from them handed to their estranged husbands and their kids are given back beaten or worse, dead.

I am sick of people thinking it is okay to dominate and destroy animals – whether they are the animals they create (children, offspring) or use (cows, pigs, goats & chickens) for their own consumption and petty ego desires.  You are covered in blood money.   The clothing industries, the diamond industry, human trafficking, even some of our most beloved products we grew up with.  While we are free and losing freedoms everyday – to peaceably assemble – others are starving all around you.

I have news to the 1%, I would be very afraid if I were you.  I would be thinking hard how to move what I did around because there are millions more of us than you… you will become the food and the fuel, the poor will eat the rich!  I do not want an Empirical world which is what we are heading fast towards but I won’t be here and I am not leaving my offspring for you to work to death and devour for your entertainment.

To the glorious 99% I say read up on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that our genius fore fathers created so brilliantly to get out of tyranny.

Colors are not gay either!  Colors do have energy and I will explain them in another page.

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