DSF13 TOPICS: Self-love; Responsibility; Perspective 2-7-2010

TOPICS:  Self-love; Responsibility; Perspective 2-7-2010 Mon AM

Thanks, good morning & hi everyone ~ I’m very grateful to be here

as usual these topics run together for me…

I did not know how to love me

I never tried (compassion seemed weak as I aged) &  self-love wasn’t emulated for me growing up

I was terrified to try it

I was – frozen, paralyzed, stuck in fear

because it was unknown

reminding me of that, helped – this is new therefore that is what is making it scary

I kept telling myself that self-love was about self-preservation

I was afraid of becoming selfish like the As I knew

finally I realized

that I was wasting my life

my god given – gift of life

ruining it, wishing for others, focusing on them

I ignored and neglected myself

THAT was selfish behavior

loving me has changed my life for the much better

I am actually more compassionate to others now (that I put me first)

I had that responsibility to myself

so I began dropping taking responsibility for others

and focusing on me & doing what I could and needed to

I have learned that my emotions, effect how I think and my perspective

as I have worked on resolving past emotional issues

forgiving myself

over & over for things ~ allowing me to feel human, vulnerable

open to new experiences which means you are constantly getting the opportunity

to face your control issues and AIR- acknowledge, identify, release my will

by surrendering the idea that my way is “right” and let that go for peace instead

choosing peace is something I can do every new moment.

focusing on gratitude and positivity – learning to be grateful for what you have starts

with the acceptance of it

and stay active in my choices of – the things I want to magnify & manifest

my perspective has changed, on its own, naturally in the process

al-anon has opened my  mind too

listening to others, getting other perspectives

applying them to me – being open to new ideas

it has all worked in concert to change me so much

for me working program was life & death

I felt I was dying in my own life

I am really glad I stuck it out, diligently kept doing what other healthy members said

they did to find their own serenity

because it does work when you work it

people here loved and were accepting of me, long before I did or even could

I am grateful to be working it with all of you, our life saving and wellness program

ty, done

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