DSF43 TOPICS: The 3 C’s; Detachment; Step 3 (Made a decision turn our will & our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him)

TOPICS:  The 3 C’s; Detachment; Step 3 (Made a decision turn our will & our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him) from tue 5-18-2010

I did feel it was my personal mission to help others, do whatever for them to make them better people, so that they would be indebted to me

but like (anonymous) just said – you get funky too, it gets on you, takes you down

putting others as my – motivation in a way

allows me to continue to alienate me and allows me to lose myself

that old behavior is poison and death to me

it brought me to the brink of the end

I had to face what was going on inside of me

which was, that when I self-sacrifice, I expect attention or love or validation back for it.

my mom told me once when I was a teenager -that our relationship was symbiotic

that her love was conditional on my behavior.

I was 17 or 16 then and I was so angry and disturbed by her comment at the time

but that was the reality at that moment.  Our relationship was hung on what we did for each other.  I thought

that is totally sick/unhealthy.

I have found if I want something, I need to be willing to do it for me, first

just like love, forgiveness, understanding, compassion.

I stopped trying to get that from other people

and gave it to me.

Self-forgiveness was singly the most profound, enriching and humbling experience I have ever been through in this life.

You can have peace and you can – feel empowered and happy right now.  It all comes from within and what you are willing to believe.

The 3 C’s remind me that not only do I need to MYOB (mind my own business)

but that I can make changes for me, that will allow me to feel better today/right now.

It is a “guide” to stay on program and on track

knowing that I am all I can do – regarding work or control and I did not cause the disease but I do have a part in it.

I did get detachment, after I set and followed thru on my boundaries

I did not get sucked into focusing on how it was affecting them.

I never went “there” early on

I had to put on my blinders and stay focused extra hard on what I was doing.

Owning my own feelings, reactions, subsequent responses and choices and when I was able to wait

allowing others the dignity that I was receiving inside

space, privacy

and personal reasons

I quit demanding answers of others.

I quit being overly involved in their life, their choices and their consequences.

It is funny how the program works, the moment

you think you get/understand something – then that lesson gets tested almost immediately.  HP is responsive to us.

As you work it and hang true to it

you see layers come off or get deeper in some ways.  Delusion is lifted and you see deeper truths in multiple realites.

I have more freedom, love, awareness, understanding than I ever have had before.

The way I work step three, well I am sort of doing it – constantly- at all times I have to keep turning me over to HP throughout my day(s).

I think once you work through all of the program’s steps, you can do all the steps at once or in any given day.

Step three, is all about me surrendering to god/hp/the universe.

My ideas, thoughts, feelings, the outcomes I am striving for

if I stay in this moment and keep a connection open with my HP

I don’t have to get ahead of anything.

I can stay in this moment right now and I can stay open to the unlimited possibilities god offers me

on a daily basis if I keep the connection, humbly.

I feel more free, when I am surrendering then at any other moment in time.

I like reminding myself, to focus on me, that I am powerless over others and then I am back onto me right now and

not even five minutes from now because that is the future.

It is ok that I don’t have a plan for every minute of my day.

I used to think I was not able to set goals or accomplish anything

and it stemmed from junk/issues from my ADD/ADHD.

As I empower myself and follow my own boundary’s consequences

it is what allows me to experience my own self-respect, self-love.

I see that I can accomplish things and succeed.

You are worth so much more than you realize right now – even if you don’t love yourself yet.

The program works and you do have choices.

As I followed my boundaries I was allowed to feel better in the end.

Even though others maybe didn’t like it and wanted to fight me on what I was doing

I held tight to the fact that I am an adult, allowed to have my own personal and private reasons

that I do not need to explain to anyone.  In fact I owe something to me, not to them and

the act of explaining (and/or JADEing:  justifying, arguing, defending, explaining) brings me back down into the disease and slipping.

I can’t fix it for them or change them – so I detach from that control.

I am loving me and doing what is right/healthier for me.

It is my life and that’s the end period.  Learning that was life altering!

I have had so many miracles in program and it does work.

Detachment is a blessing that is worth working to achieve.  Feeling my own emotional body and self

feeling autonomous, like a whole individual person is what life is like for me now.

I am forever grateful – all I have to do is practise this to keep it.

Practicing it in real-time is the only secret to how program works.

My serenity is equivalent to my ability to accept life as it comes.

The 3 C’s are: I did not cause it, I cannot control it and I cannot cure it.  I can only change and control me.


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