DSF5 Today’s Topics “What Alanon has done for me. Keep coming back and let it begin with me.”

DSF5 Today’s Topics “What Al-anon has done for me.  Keep coming back and let it begin with me.”

thanks everyone, I am glad to be here today

I can really relate to the “just for todays” that give us all strength

because in my own experience, I saw that oxymoron in action

when I was working on self-love

my abandonment issues fell away

I no longer felt alone or unloved

because I loved me first

it was very evident that if I wanted love, loving me made me, well – loving

and love-able

just like if I want forgiveness, I must forgive first

if I want understanding, I must first be understanding

al-anon has given me coping skills for life

that actually do work

I am no longer just doing something to placate the situation or people (“others”)

each day I am here, working al-anon in all of my daily affairs

surrendering my ideas, position,  & will

to HP whom I prefer to call god

life works better

and more easily now that

al-anon has also allowed my mind to open so much wider than it was before

and be ready to receive different perspectives to see in new ways

that has helped me change my life in every single way

nothing is as bleak or scary as it once was

when I was alone, stubbornly refusing to look and listen

I am so grateful I did open up and take the steps to surrender my controlling nature, ways

I am grateful to be willing to learn today, as I was wrong about so many things

I continue to come back to share and give freely

as it was given to me by those before me

and because I do get so much from the support and fellowship

and it keeps it fresh and alive for me right now

I do feel like a walking miracle, I acknowledge that I am

and I won’t take anything in life for granted now

there is a lot of hope


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