DSF50 Topics: “Keep It Simple, One Day At a Time, This Too Shall Pass”

Topics:  “Keep It Simple, One Day At a Time, This Too Shall Pass” from 7-16-2010

Hi everyone!

I’m grateful to be here, always :)

the slogans are important to me and when I came back to program

that is what I really focused on.

I’ve worked the steps many times but I felt I needed to really grasp all the other concepts

of the program, so that I could get the lifestyle changes I really wanted.

Keep it simple reminds me to stay in today, stay focused on me

not delve into the future (I release that daily to HP).

That was extremely difficult for me to actually do.

I see a lot of the program like layers – we get the awareness in layers

or it is like, a un-layering process

and it did feel like a process of undoing/un-tangling myself from the codie habits.  Undoing what I knew to get to something deeper.

Once I did begin to change my behavior

I was shocked and happily surprised to see how my perceptions, perspective and attitude changed too.

I often had to remind me that my feelings were not “the truth”

and they do pass.  I see them now as energy in motion.

Often what upsets me today, isn’t relevant anymore tomorrow

so I am grateful that I am not being reactive as often as before.

Now I can feel, observe and respond in a healthier way for me.

I can almost automatically can go into others’ business

and/or begin to worry about them – which is a codie (co-dependent enabling) habit, being a perpetual/professional worrier and fault finder.

That behavior is such a dangerous thing for me because once I do that I instantly

lose me and then get upset/hopeless/powerless and then it’s like a fog.

You have to come back to what you know in program to re-direct yourself back to where you can be powerful.

I am so grateful for all that I have learned here and the fellowship with the friends I’ve made

it means so much to me and I value that.

A big trap for me in the beginning was when people would come in to the chat room with drama and I would get all sucked up in it, in “helping” someone else.

I have learned the best way for me to help others is to be brutally honest about my own program, sharing what worked for me, being supportive (listening to them without trying to fix them) and

giving others the respect to figure that stuff out for themselves.

I guess I really never had much respect at all

for me or others.

It is a definite current I am in touch with today.

The more grace I have and calm it seems like the better, more peaceful and happy I stay.

It’s so simple lol not easy to do.

It does take time to grasp because of the chaos of our lives and the understanding/upbringings in dysfunction we have all had here.

I am grateful that I do have choices and I continue to do what I can for me, in an assertive and positive way.

Say what you mean, mean what you say and say it kindly.

No matter how bad today may seem, it will pass as all things pass.

Thanks for helping me to learn to love myself and for always being here, working it with me.

You are worth the effort it takes to discover you!


<Anon> Thank you Kitty, you don’t parrot the slogans you live them!

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