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This Week in Politics: War on Women

This week in politics men are having hearings about a woman’s reproductive rights and their needs as a human being – I am appalled!  Who do men think they are discussing such issues without listening to women.  How can a man know anything about what it is like to be a woman, have a period, getting impregnated, carrying to term and the myriad of feelings and physiological changes that a woman goes through.

Maybe a physician could discuss this with more sensitivity and intelligence but where was that committee?  Half of our congress is in denial about climate change – that is something we can all see!  I will not trust the “sensitivity” of a politician when it comes to my personal issues as a woman unless they are respecting me enough to listen to me and are interested in protecting women in general.  This after all is the whole purpose to our government, to respect and protect the rights of a human being.

If this conversation was flipped on the other side – men would freak out and say, “you don’t have a penis, how can you know what that is like – oh yeah you women must be jealous of the penis!”  Give me a break, no woman is jealous of your penises okay – that is your preoccupation.

My uterus is not for sale, it is not for rent, it is not an apartment for the government.  This is a personal rights issue and unless men are asking women questions and asking what they want in that regard – they have no business or right to decide for anyone else.

What the hell did we get the vote for in the 20’s?  You men that lord over females and think you are elevated above them are the ones I am worried about.  If you do not trust that others have the dignity and respect to take care of themselves – that clearly shows the rest of the whole world that you must not be taking care of yourselves or you would not be preoccupied with women’s rights and those of the gay community.

This week Palin said, “go out and annoy a liberal.”  If this is how the GOP deals with things by creating drama and in-fighting no wonder we have not resolved anything in thirty years.  I want politicians coming up with solutions that work for the highest good for the most people.  I want to see win-win situations and compromises, not a chess game with constant stalemates.   Any politician who is only interested in pointing out the problems with no actual solutions should have no right to stay in politics.

These people work for us, we pay for their salaries out of our tax dollars.  The corrupt people in power should have to be accountable for their crimes – everyone else is accountable for what they do… the elite do not deserve having lower taxes than the rest of us.  Where is our fair and balanced system?  Where are the petitions of our government to protect our basic rights.

Last October the Protection of Life Act Bill was passed.  This gives the hospitals, doctors and staff the order to allow a woman to die in the face of a life-death complication of a pregnancy — they are not allowed to give an abortion to a woman without insurance who would die without it!  This is a direct and open war fare on American women.  This is the American government I am talking about.  I have rights, I am a human being, I have the right to live.  Where is the concern for my life, safety and well-being?

Who is stupid enough to think that saving a baby while allowing the mother to die is good for the infant?  What infant wants to live without a mother if given that choice?  I am so angry and resentful that my government has taken to killing innocent women who are hard-working and who do not have insurance – really, murder is the answer?  Like I really believe your system can care for my baby when you do not even care for me.


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